• Image of The Pre-Raphaelite Collection; Wisteria | Silk Ribbon Embroidered Coast & Koi Babouches
  • Image of The Pre-Raphaelite Collection; Wisteria | Silk Ribbon Embroidered Coast & Koi Babouches

Fairytale slippers from South Africa. I've long been an admirer of the beautiful bohemian shoes of Cape Town artisan label Coast & Koi, headed by the wonderful creative force of nature Caryn Wilensky. She designs gorgeous confections that are comfortable enough to be worn all day, but exquisitly detailed enough to complement the most elegant of evening and bridal ensembles.
Based on the traditional 'babouche' shape, but with a contemporary sensibility,
I have several pairs of these jewel-like beauties which I virtually live in all summer long, and am happy to offer a small selection of sample pairs to purchase.

In addition, the Pre Raphaelite Collection, exclusively available from Joanne Fleming Design, is a treasured collaboration betweeen Caryn and Joanne.....combining the skills and creativity of the two studios to conjure up an expanding capsule collection of bespoke styles to complement the JFD gowns.

These are from this exclusive edit, and are called 'Wisteria'. They feature delicate metallic silver French lace over pale aqua silk, and are embellished with silk ribbon floral embroidery from our amazing JFD embroiderer Susan.
They have green ribbon ankle ties.
They are lined and soled with leather, and have a 3.5cm non-slip block heel.

Size 39 (European), equivalent to a UK size 6.5.

*This pair are available to purchase now and can be shipped straight away, but other sizes can be ordered (with a minimum lead time of 6 weeks) once things start to open up again as we transition through the Covid-19 crisis. Please email for more details.
I have just included a shipping option for the UK ( as courier charges are currently subject to fluctuating surcharges during the height of the pandemic), but we can and do ship internationally, so please contact me if you wish to purchase from outside the UK so I can get a quote and add the relevant shipping option to checkout*

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