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Batch 6!
Listings go live at 7pm BST on Saturday 25th July.

Firstly, I'm going to state the obvious and say that these are not medical grade face masks ;)
They fall into the category 'face coverings', and will certainly do a good job in this context, helping to hinder the spread of the virus as advised by medical professionals around the world. They are well made, and fit well, with an internal nose wire that can be pinched over the bridge of the nose ensuring a close fit under the eyes. They extend down to fit snugly under the chin. I have designed them to extend a little down from the end of the nose to allow a little pocket of air so you don't get a mouthful of fabric every time you try and speak.
They are constructed from an outer decorative layer (an embroidered silk or an embroidered tulle mounted on silk), with an internal layer of lightweight interfacing (for extra filtration), and are lined with 100% natural fibre silk to sit comfortably against the skin. It is a fine balance between making them an effective barrier, whilst still allowing you to breathe without discomfort. Hopefully I have achieved this....I have tested mine with a trip around the local supermarket, and was pretty comfortable. They are not designed however to be used whilst exercising, or for lengthy periods of time whilst doing strenuous work. They are what I'd call an 'occasion' mask, for when you want something a bit more interesting than your everyday face covering (can't believe I'm actually writing that sentance haha!).
They can be washed, but because of the delicate nature of the decorative layer, please take the time to handwash them in liquid detergent and allow to dry naturally to preserve their look. If you just bung them in the washing machine in your regular wash I can't answer for how long they will last.

There are currently two sizes available in this batch (all marked individually in listing options)....which I have characterised as medium and small. I *think* the medium would fit most women, but I have also included a few smalls in this batch for particularly petite faces.
Small; top of mask down centre front to bottom of mask under chin is 15.5cms
bridge of nose out to top edge of mask near ear is 12cms
Medium; top of mask down centre front to bottom of mask under chin is 16.5cms
bridge of nose out to top outer edge of mask near ear is 13cms

For obvious virus related reasons I can't accept returns on the masks.

Masks have soft narrow elastic loops to hook over the ears
Elastic is available in off white, pale pink, dark brown or black. I also now can offer latex-free elastic in black or white for those with a latex allergy. Please let me know in notes which you would prefer. If no preference is given I will choose the most appropriate colour for the mask.

This is the sixth batch of masks, and I think again there will be greater demand than supply, so I would respectfully request that customers only purchase a maximum of two masks at this time . There will be listings of more masks soon, so if you miss out this time, or would like to purchase again in future, please check back or keep an eye on Instagram for updates.

I'm afraid that I will not generally be taking requests for particular colours or fabrics, or allowing reservations for the masks.... I will just be working through the sedimentary layers of my offcut boxes, so who knows what I will unearth!

25% of the purchase price (minus PayPal fees & postage) on all mask sales will be donated to charity. This week it will be my local Food Bank in Brighton, who, in common with food banks across the country, do such good work supporting those most in need in the local community throughout the year but who have been providing an even more essential service over the last few months during lockdown. They will find themselves particularly hard pressed over the coming months as the financial consequences on the economy really start to hit home for so many families.

Shipping within the UK is via Royal Mail 1st class signed for service, price £2.50
For ease of listing, I have designated 'everywhere else in world' as £4.00, for standard international letter post. This is an untracked unsigned for service so although I will obtain proof of postage, I can't be held liable if it goes astray. If you would prefer a more secure tracked service let me know after purchase and I can work out any surcharge (for the U.S the surcharge is £5)
Similarly, there will be a £2.00 surcharge for standard letter post to Australia or New Zealand.
Masks will be shipped in plastic-free sustainable packaging.

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